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XX CIO - Italian Conference of Ornithology

The XX Italian Conference of Ornithology will be held in Naples between 26 and 29 September 2019. The Second Newsletter is already available. It contains the preliminary programme with sessions, symposiums. There are also all the details for submissions. Visit the website

Special Issue

Eagles, owls, falcons and raptors in general are species catching an enduring interest in the ornithological community. A wide range of monitoring and research projects focus on birds of prey: population trends, distribution and movements of raptors are nowadays widely studied. However, despite the strong interest on raptors, the conservation status of birds of prey is globally worsening. In a conservation perspective, raptors represent good umbrella species but are also suppliers of crucial ecosystem services. Based on this consideration, the Editorial Board of Avocetta launch a Special Issue entirely dedicated to raptors. This will be published as the first issue of 2019. We particularly encourage to submit reviews, research papers and short notes on ecology, movements and conservation of raptors from all over the world. The deadline for the submission is 15th April 2019.