Archive of Publications

December 2009

Volume 33 - N. 2

  1. Wild birds as indicators in Europe: latest results fromthe Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme(PECBMS)

    Klvanová A., VoríšeK p., Gregory R. D., Van Strien A., Meyling A.G.

  2. Analysis and Summary of Christmas Bird Count Data

    Sauer J.R., Niven D.K., LinK W.A., Butcher G.S.

  3. Developing a butterfly indicator to assess changes inEurope’s biodiversity

    Brereton T., Van Swaay C., Van Strien A.

  4. 20-year changes in the distribution patterns of Italian breeding birds

    Tellini Florenzano G., Campedelli T., Buvoli L., Londi G., Mini L.

  5. Monitoring of breeding birds in Umbria, Central Italy,between 2000 and 2005

    Velatta F., Lombardi G.2, Sergiacomi U.

  6. Raptor population monitoring: examples from migration watchsites in North America

    Bildstein K.L., . Farmer J. C., Yosef R.

  7. An important flyway for raptors in Europe: 13 years of monitoring in the North East of Italy

    Mezzavilla F., Gargioni A., Girardello M., Bellintani S., Martignago G., Pasqua A., silveri G., Piccolo F.

  8. Monitoring breeding raptor populations - a proposed methodology using repeatable methods and GIS

    Poirazidis K., Schindler S., Ruiz C., Scandolara C.

  9. Migration and wintering of released Italian Egyptian Vultures Neophron percnopterus. First results

    Ceccolini G. , Cenerini A., Aebischer A.

  10. Long-legged Buzzard Buteo rufinus rufinus breedingdistribution and abundance in Cyprus

    Kassinis N.

  11. Farmland bird indicator on the basis of abundance and landscape systematization

    Hoffmann J., Kiesel J.

  12. Species selection to develop an Italian farmland bird index

    Campedelli T., Tellini Florenzano G., Sorace A., Fornasari L., Londi G., Mini L.

  13. Recent changes in agricultural landscape and bird populations in Latvia: impacts and prospects of EU agricultural policy

    Aunins A., Priednieks J.

  14. Explicit nation-wide habitat models for Italian larks(Alaudidae)

    Londi G., Mini L., Tellini Florenzano G., Sorace A., Campedelli T.

  15. Assessing woodland ecological characters through a new objective bird community index, the WBCI

    Londi G., Tellini Florenzano G., Mini L., Caliendo M.F., Campedelli T., De Carli E.

  16. Explicit nation-wide habitat models for common Italian Piciformes

    Campedelli T., Londi G., Mini L., Tellini Florenzano G.

  17. Owls and woodpeckers in montane forests: mapping nocturnal hooting and diurnal drumming in German SPAs

    Purschke C.

  18. Comparison of population indices derived from theFinnish Constant Effort Site and National BirdMonitoring Scheme data

    Piha M., Valkama J., Väisänen R.A., Saurola P.

  19. Indirectly accounting for uneven sampling effort to estimate population sizes from atlas data

    Titeux N., Derouaux A., Jacob J.P., Kinet T., Paquet J.Y.

  20. Choosing a totally repeated or partially-repeated sampling strategy to assess both population changes and distribution: the case of Italian breeding birds

    Tellini Florenzano G., Fornasari L., De Carli E., La Gioia G.

  21. Indicators and conservation policy: the German Sustainability Indicator for Species Diversity as an example

    Dröschmeister R., Sukopp U.

  22. Use of bird indicators in informing policy and practice:a tool for assessment

    HrIstov I.

  23. Colonization ecology of European bird species in the Sub-Polar Urals

    Estafjev A., Selivanova N.

  24. The migration of waders (Aves, Charadrii) in Greece

    Kazantzidis S., Vangeluwe D., Handrinos G., Pergantis F., Schogolev I., YianniS Roussopoulos Y

  25. The Atlas of breeding birds of Latium (PAUNIL 2006-2008)

    Brunelli M., Sarrocco S., Boano A., Corbi F., De Felici S., Guerrieri G., Meschini A., Roma S., Sorace A., GTallone G.

  26. The Urban Waterfowl Fauna of Moscow in comparison with some other European cities

    Avilova K.

  27. Aspects of breeding biology of Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis in a Grosseto province colony (Tuscany, central Italy)

    Dragonetti M., Giovacchini P.

  28. A widespread gull population in a complex wetland:habitat specifc methods to census breeding pairs

    Soldatini C., AlboresS-Barajas Y.V., Mainardi D., Torricelli P.

  29. Rock Partridge Alectoris graeca a good candidate for an umbrella species in rocky mountains in Italy

    Rippa D., Caliendo M.F., Fusco L., Zaccara A.T., Valore M., Fulgione D.

  30. Extensive monitoring of Rock Ptarmigan Lagopus mutus in Scotland: a pilot to test the efficacy of using volunteer surveyors for monitoring arctic-alpine birds

    Calladine J., Wernham C.