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Latest Issue:   Volume 44 - N. 2, December 2020
Volume 44 - N.2, December 2020

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7 July 2021

Editorial - Mind the (gender) gap: prospects and strategies for women's career in ornithology 

Benedetta Catitti, Daniela Campobello, Gaia Bazzi, Giulia Masoero, Letizia Campioni

6 June 2021


Nicola Baccetti, Giancarlo Fracasso & Commissione Ornitologica Italiana (COI)

5 May 2021

First record of Little Bittern Ixobrychus minutus laying in a Common Moorhen Gallinula chloropus nest

Awatif Talbi, Farrah Samraoui, Laid Touati, Boudjema Samraoui, Corrado Battisti

5 May 2021

Barn Owl Tyto alba in Italy: data from fauna recovery centers show a patchy decline

Fulvio Fraticelli, Veronica Burresi, Angela Damiano, Giovanni Giardina, Nicola Maggi, Francesca Manzia, Davide Tartari, Marco Gustin

3 March 2021

An assessment of the current and historical distribution of the Corncrake Crex crex in the Western Italian Alps

Riccardo Alba, Giacomo Assandri, Giovanni Boano, Filippo Cravero & Dan Chamberlain

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