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Latest Issue:   Volume 46 - N. 1, June 2022
Volume 46, Issue 1, June 2022 (Cover photo by Giorgio di Gennaro)

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We are proud to support the ‘Publication Partners’ initiative, together with other international journals, to contribute in mitigating the potential effects of the pandemic lockdown on the development of scientific careers of ECRs.

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Most downloaded Articles

June 2020

Loss of graded enemy recognition in a Whitehead population allopatric with brood-parasitic Long-tailed Cuckoos

Shelby L. Lawson, Nora Leuschner, Brian J. Gill, Janice K. Enos and Mark E. Hauber

June 2021

Editorial - Mind the (gender) gap: prospects and strategies for women's career in ornithology

Benedetta Catitti, Daniela Campobello, Gaia Bazzi, Giulia Masoero, Letizia Campioni

June 2021

Short note - Barn Owl Tyto alba in Italy: data from fauna recovery centers show a patchy decline

Fulvio Fraticelli, Veronica Burresi, Angela Damiano, Giovanni Giardina, Nicola Maggi, Francesca Manzia, Davide Tartari, Marco Gustin

December 2021

Biometric characterization of the Red-legged Partridges Alectoris rufa of northwestern Italy

Fabrizio Silvano, Pier Giuseppe Meneguz, Paolo Tizzani, Irene Pellegrino, Alessandro Negri, Ennio Negri and Giovanni Boano