Archive of Publications

June 2019

Volume 43 - N. 1

  1. Editorial - Support your local “raptor” team, but looking at a wider perspective to improve raptor research, monitoring and conservation at a continental scale

    Panuccio M.

  2. Activity patterns of Eleonora’s Falcons during the pre-breeding period: the role of habitat composition on the island of Antikythira

    Kassara C., Bairakataridou K., Kakalis E., Tsiopelas N., Giokas S. and Barboutis C.

  3. Repeated large scale loop migrations of an adult European Honey Buzzard

    Agostini N., Prommer M, Vàczi M. and Panuccio M.

  4. Quantifying the global legal trade in live CITES-listed raptors and owls for commercial purposes over a 40-year period [RETRACTED VERSION]

    Panter C., Atkinson E.D. and White R.L.

  5. Electronic Supplementary Material for Panter et al. 2019 [RETRACTED VERSION]

    Panter C., Atkinson E.D. and White R.L.

  6. Little Owl Athene noctua survey in Milan, northern Italy: distribution, habitat preferences and considerations about sampling protocol

    Calvi G and Muzio M

  7. Premigratory moult in the Lesser Kestrel Falco naumanni

    Bounas A.

  8. Genetic variability and population structuring in the European Lanner Falcon Falco biarmicus feldeggii

    Sarà M., Mengoni C., Mucci N., Guzzo E., Ruzic M., Amato M., Antioco N., Boano G., Bondì S., Leonardi G., Nardo A., Mascara R., Ossino A., Vitale E. and Zanca L.

  9. Better to stay downtown or in the countryside? Raptors wintering in urban and rural Protected Areas of Rome (Central Italy)

    Panuccio M., Foschi F., Todini A., Baldi A., Dominicis N., De Filippis P., Casini S., De Pisa G. and Palmeri A.

  10. SHORT NOTE - First evidence by satellite telemetry of Lanner Falcon’s (Falco biarmicus feldeggii) natal dispersal outside Sicily, and a review of existing data.

    Sarà M., Bondì S., Guzzo E., Amato M., Antioco N., Leonardi G., Mascara R., Nardo A., Ossino A., Vitale E. and Zanca L.

  11. SHORT NOTE - From a regional reintroduction project to a country-wide conservation approach: scaling up results to promote osprey conservation in Italy.

    Sforzi A., Monti F. and Sammuri G.

  12. SHORT NOTE - Preliminary data on Golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos diet in southern Sardinia

    Sirigu G., Serra L. and Di Vittorio M.

  13. SHORT NOTE - Further evidence of cross migration behaviour of Western Honey Buzzard Pernis apivorus at the Apuane Alps (Tuscany, Italy) bottleneck

    Premuda G.

  14. Obituary - Michele Panuccio, 1976-2019

    Agostini N. and Mellone U.