Distribution status and breeding of the White Stork Ciconia Ciconia in Greece


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Two thousand three hundred and eighty seven nests (2387) of White Storks Ciconio ciconio were found in Greece during the Summer of 1993, Here are presented the geographical distribution and breeding success ofthe species. The average population density (StD) was found to be 8.4 pairs per 100 Km', ranging from 46,05 to 0,09 pairs per 100 Km2 The average nurnber of fledged young per nest (1Zm) was 2,87, ranging from2,3 to 5,0, The highest nest was found at an altitude of 940 m a.s.l. while the majority ofthe nests (76%) were found at an elevation <100 m a.s.l, The White Stork prefers as nesting sites electrical poles, both with platform (artificial nests) (53.5%) and without platform (18%). Wetland areas seems to play the 1110stimportant role affecting the density and geographical distribution of the species. The lack of suitable nesting sites appear to be the criticai limiting factor for the species population size.