Ruolo dei sessi nella riproduzione della Sterpazzola di Sardegna, Sylvia conspicillata, nell’Italia centrale

Guerrieri G., Santucci B. & Castaldi A.

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The reproductive role of sexes in Spectacled Warbler has been studied during four years in a sample site of Central Italy (n = 28 pairs and 4 territorial unmated males). Male’s song activity reaches the top during nest building. The male is particularly involved in nest construction and protection, while female helps male by adding nest-line materials. Intraspecific territoriality among males persists for a short time and aggressive interactions are modest. The pair incubate the eggs with an evident differences between sexes. About 75 % of males take part in eggs covering with a less frequent care in respect to females (- 50 %). A few males (3.6 %) don’t incubate and 21.5 % incubate irregularly. Periods spent by both parents sitting on eggs vary during the day and eggs are covered during 61.7 % of the day times. Chick feeding increases along the breeding season and female seems to be more active in the morning. The members of the couple are very autonomous and the pair is able to begin a second reproduction even also the first is not completed yet.