Adult biometrics and nestling growth in a southern Prealpine Dipper Cinclus cinclus population

Tasinazzo S., Fracasso G., Faccin F.

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Biometrics of adult and nestling Dippers were studied along a 12.5 km stretch of the River Posina (Vicenza Prealps, northeastern Italy) during 1991-1996. Results were compared with other European data. Biometrics were collected from ca. 250 birds, mist-netted all year round. Independently of age, Dippers were classified as males or females if their wing length was above or below 91.0 mm, respectively. Body mass reached the maximum value during moult (August) and the minimum one at the end of breeding season (June). Growth rate of nestling Dippers (k = 0.350) did not differ from that observed in the Swiss Alps.