Alimentazione frugivora  autunno-invernale dell’occhiocotto Sylvia melanocephala  e della capinera Sylvia atricapilla  in aree costiere del Lazio


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Autumn-winter consumption of fruits by Sardinian warbler Sylvia melanocephala and blackcap Sylvia atricapilla in coastal areas of Latium (central Italy). We studied for five years (1996-2000) the autumn-winter consumption of fruits by the Sardinian warbler and blackcap in Mediterranean scrubs of the Latium coast. The number of Sardinian warblers and blackcaps feeding on different fruiting species changed in different study area and months. The most used fruiting plants by Sardinian warbler and blackcap were Pistacia lentiscus and, in some areas, Olea europaea europaea. In most cases, the fruiting species preferred by Sardinian warbler or blackcap were different. In general, Sardinian warbler used the fruiting plants at smaller extent than the blackcap. The number of blackcaps feeding on fruits was maximum in autumn, whereas the number of Sardinian warblers was maximum in some areas in winter. The major consumption of fruits observed in the blackcap is probably related to its higher migratory