Indagine su alcuni roost invernali di smeriglio Falco columbarius  in provincia di Mantova


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Winter roosts of merlin Falco columbarius in the Province of Mantua. In Italy, the merlin Falco columbarius is a regular migrant and wintering species. However, data on distribution and behaviour in our country are scarce. For instance, very little is known about winter roosts, which have been described in other countries. From 2002 to 2005 winters, three roosts were monitored in the Province of Mantua (Northern Italy). The number of individuals at roosts reached the maximum between December and February. Relative peaks were in late October-early November and in March, probably because the arrivals of migratory birds. In the three years of this study, the maximum number of merlins in the Province of Mantua was 40-50 individuals, representing about 3% of the whole Italian wintering population (approx. 1500 individuals). The results of the present work confirm the importance of these wintering roosts for this falcon.