Composizione e struttura della comunità orniticanidificante in una faggeta della Basilicata

Fulco E., Tellini Florenzano G.

10 87
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Structure and composition of the breeding-bird community of a beech forest in Basilicata (Southern Italy). In 2006 the breeding bird community in a beechwood located in the Mt. Sirino (Val d’Agri-Lagonegrese National Park, Basilicata) was investigated by point-count method (N=87). The sampling completeness was tested via permutational methods. In comparison with other beech-forests of Central and Southern Italy, the Mt. Sirino bird community showed high richness and diversity values. Two species (Middle spotted Woodpecker and Collared Flycatcher) are included in the Red List of Italian Birds and in annex I of 79/409/CEE Directive. Low densities of bark-feeding birds may depend on poor wood-management, or on the recent impact of tourism.