La lista CISO-COI degli Uccelli italiani – Parte prima: liste A, B e C

Fracasso G., Baccetti N., Serra L.

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The CISO-COI list of Italian birds – The A, B and C lists. The Italian Ornithological Committee (COI) works within the Italian Centre for Ornithological Studies (CISO) with the specifc assignment of compiling and updating the list of Italian birds. Three codes have been attributed to each species belonging to the list of Italian birds: an alphabetic code referred to the origin of the species in the territory (AERC code from A to E) and two codes referred respectively to the status of occurrence and breeding. Codes for the last two categories vary from 1 to 4 and are determined by the frequency of respective records within given time intervals. For the taxonomy, we adhered to the scientifc nomenclature and systematic order applied by AERC and BOU for the compilation of the respective lists and following taxonomic recommendations. Some Italian common names have been changed in accordance with the CISO working group committed to review the Italian nomenclature of the birds of the world.