The Atlas of breeding birds of Latium (PAUNIL 2006-2008)

Brunelli M., Sarrocco S., Boano A., Corbi F., De Felici S., Guerrieri G., Meschini A., Roma S., Sorace A., GTallone G.

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Ten years after the frst regional atlas, the Ornithological Societies of Latium, with the collaboration of the Regional Parks Agency, decided to update the inventory and distribution of breeding species in the Region. The new atlas project, called PAUNIL, pursues the following aims: to update the inventory and regional distribution of breeding birds; to create distribution maps of abundance for common species; to identify the regional hotspots of species richness; to analyse some relationships between species and habitats according to the Corine Land Cover classes. The project follows the European standard proposed by European Ornithological Atlas Committee for the collection of qualitative data on atlas and the Italian Breeding Bird Monitoring Program called MITO2000 for the collection of quantitative data. The current Atlas project plans to take into account data collected from 2000 to 2008, making use of records already collected during the MITO2000 program since its beginning, as well as records specifcally collected during surveys performed in 2006- 2008. As of 2006 the data archive of PAUNIL contained 37,348 records pertaining to 171 breeding species, 77 non-Passerines and 94 Passerines. The 10 most common species are: Sylvia atricapilla, Turdus merula, Corvus corone, Passer italiae, Fringilla coelebs, Parus major, Carduelis carduelis, Luscinia megarhynchos, Serinus serinus, and Hirundo rustica. As of 2006, the average number of species is 47.3 per Recording UTM Unit (10 x 10 km).