Sulla nomenclatura delle popolazioni urbane di Columba livia J.F. Gmelin, 1789:una revisione critica della letteratura in Italia

Battisti C., Zapparoli M.

10 378
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An analysis of the recent ornithological literature (1983-2011) revealed the use of some different scientifc combinations and many different Italian vernacular names (14) for the feral domesticated populations of rock pigeon (Columba livia J.F. Gmelin, 1789). For this peculiar taxon we suggest the use of a single name, both vernacular and scientifc. For their role in bird communities of anthropized ecosystems (e.g., in terms of frequency, density, biomass and impact) the feral domesticated populations of rock pigeon, when occurring, should be added also in local and regional check-lists and atlases.