Year-round use of the Regional Nature Reserve of Nazzano, Tevere-Farfa (Latium, central Italy) by waterbirds

Angelici C., Brunelli M.

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From 2007-2011, surveys were carried out to describe the presence of waterbirds in the Regional Nature Reserve of Nazzano, Tevere-Farfa. The key parameters of the community were analysed: richness, abundance, dominance, diversity, evenness and daily energy expenditure for each 15-day period in which counts were made. A census for all breeding species was also carried out. Forty-nine species were encountered, the most abundant of which was Anas platyrhynchos,Fulica atra and Gallinula chloropus. There was nega­tive trend in the bird population for all species combined during the years of the study, probably caused by the worsening of the water conditions due to a decrease of aquatic macrophytes. Management actions proposed aimed at improving food availability and creating wetlands with different water levels.