Prime nidificazioni con successo del Gipeto Gypaetus barbatus  sulle Alpi occidentali italiane

Fasce P., Fasce L.

18 104
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First successful reproductions of Bearded vulture Gypaetus barbatus in the Italian Western Alps. Authors report the first successful reproductions of Bearded vulture in the Italian Western Alps, from a trio in Val di Rhêmes and a pair in Valsavarenche (Aosta Valley). They summarize the history and behaviour of the polygynic trio, from its formation in 2008 through two failed reproductions in 2010 and 2011, till the successful flight of a chick in 2012. Additionally, they summarize the reproduction in 2011 of the pair of Valsavarenche, failed very likely in consequence of the precocious age of both partners, and the successful one in 2012.