Hunting and breeding success of rock partridge Alectoris graeca saxatilis on the Italian Alps (2006-2010)

Artuso I.

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In the Italian Alps, in the 2006-2010 years, 4874 rock partridges have been hunted: the highest number in Sondrio province (733 animals), followed by the province of Torino (648), Como (639) and Cuneo (580). The other Italian provinces show lower numbers (less than 500), the lowest in Vicenza province (9). In almost all regions where this species is present, hunting is allowed. Hunting season occurred between October and November. In the Lombardia (2150, 44%) and Piemonte (1677, 34%) regions, the highest numbers of killed animals were recorded Thus, rock partridge seems to be concentrated in the central-Western Alps. In 2010, the mean young/adults ratio was 2.15 (minimum: 0.94, in Pordenone province; maximum: 7.21 in Como province), the mean number of young per brood was 4.35 (minimum: 3.8 in Bolzano province, maximum 5.39 in Bergamo province).