Columns - Italian Ornithological Commission (Italian Rarities Committee) - Report 26

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Commissione Ornitologica Italiana (COI) - Report 26
Italian Ornithological Commission (Italian Rarities Committee) - Report 26. The following records were accepted for Italy (Cat. AERC: A – COI List 1A, 1B): Ring-necked Duck Aythya collaris (Trentino 2013; 7th record); Cory’s Shearwater Calonectris borealis (Sicily 2009; 2nd record); Brown Booby Sula leucogaster (Liguria 2014; 3rd record); Levant Sparrowhawk Accipiter brevipes (two records: Sicily 2012; 7th - 8th records); Steppe Eagle Aquila nipalensis (three records: Sicily 2012-2012-2013; 22nd-24th records); Sooty Falcon Falco concolor (Sicily 2012; 2nd record); Black-winged Pratincole Glareola nordmanni (two records: Sicily 2013, Lombardy 2014; 8th-9th records); Kittlitz’s Plover Charadrius pecuarius (Apulia 1908; first record for Italy); Caspian Plover Charadrius asiaticus (Sicily 2012; 4th record); Baird’s Sandpiper Calidris bairdii (Lombardy 2013; 2nd record); Lesser Yellowlegs Tringa flavipes (Sicily 2013; 10th record); Wilson’s Phalarope Phalaropus tricolor (Apulia 1889; 5th record); Sabine’s Gull Xema sabini (Lombardy 2013; 8th record); Grey-headed Gull Chroicocephalus cirrocephalus (Apulia 2012; first record for Italy); Franklin’s Gull Larus pipixan (Piedmont 2013; 2nd record); Bar-tailed Lark Ammomanes cinctura (Sicily 2012; 3rd record); Moussier’s Redstart Phoenicurus moussieri (Sardinia 2012; 9th record); White-crowned Wheatear Oenanthe leucopyga (two records: Latium 2013, Sicily 2013; 2nd-3rd records); Blyth’s Reed Warbler Acrocephalus dumetorum (Latium 2012; 5th record); Western Olivaceous Warbler Hippolais opaca (Sicily 2013; 6th record); Eastern Olivaceous Warbler Hippolais pallida (two records: Latium 2014, Sicily 2014; 9th-10th records; an additional twenty or so records of Olivaceous Warbler H. pallida/opaca predate the split and have not been assigned to species); Olive-tree Warbler Hippolais olivetorum (Latium 2014; 2nd record); Arctic Warbler Phylloscopus borealis (Lombardy 2012; 3rd record); Greenish Warbler Phylloscopus trochiloides (Latium 2012; first record for Italy); Dusky Warbler Phylloscopus fuscatus (Apulia 2013; 8th record); Eastern Bonelli’s Warbler Phylloscopus orientalis (Liguria 2013; 3rd record); Atlas Pied Flycatcher Ficedula speculigera (Latium 2012; first record for Italy, confirmed by genetic data); Isabelline Shrike Lanius [isabellinus] isabellinus (Sicily 2012; 10th record for the L. isabellinus group; a more detailed review is in progress); Steppe Grey Shrike Lanius [sp.] pallidirostris (Marche 2013; 3rd record); Desert Grey Shrike Lanius [sp.] elegans (Sicily 2014; 7th record). The following record was accepted at the generic level only (COI List 1C): Pin-tailed/Swinhoe’s Snipe Gallinago stenura/megala (Sicily 2011). The following records were not accepted due to insufficient documentation (COI List 5): Iceland Gull Larus glaucoides (Latium 2011); White-rumped Swift Apus caffer (Liguria 2013); Western Olivaceous Warbler Hippolais opaca (Tuscany 2013); Arctic Warbler Phylloscopus borealis (Apulia 2014).