Nicola Baccetti, Giancarlo Fracasso & Commissione Ornitologica Italiana (COI)

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This paper upgrades and updates the checklist of the bird species recorded in Italy between 1800 and 2019. For the first time, it also includes subspecies. The classification, taxonomy and English names are based on «The Handbook of the Birds of the World & BirdLife International Checklist». The Italian list contains at present 550 species and 702 taxonomic units, including in the latter both the subspecies and the monotypic species. Each of them has been allocated to the AERC categories A, B or C according to four different frequency codes. Since the publication of the previous list (2009), 24 species have been added. The currently breeding avifauna includes 287 species: additional 10 species are regarded as nationally extinct breeders. The Italian checklist, that will be regularly updated, is available on the website of the CISO-COI (