Migrazione e svernamento di allodola Alauda arvensise pispola Anthus pratensis in un ambiente prativonell’Oltrepò Pavese

Ferlini F.

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Migration and wintering of skylark Alauda arvensis and meadow pipit Anthus pratensis in meadow habitat in Oltrepò Pavese (Lombardy, N Italy). The intensity of autumn migration of skylark reached its peak in the frst half of October (73.8 ind./10 ha), while in winter the species was more abundant in the frst half of December (31.3 ind./10 ha). Spring migration was of moderate intensity (14.8 ind./10 ha). Migratory movements of meadow pipit were intense only at the end of November-beginning of December (48.6 ind./10 ha), with low density in winter and during spring migration (7.9 ind./10 ha). At the beginning of winter, flocks of skylarks used more areas closer to the margins with tree, while isolated birds totally avoided this situation. Compared with skylark, meadow pipit used areas with greater coverage of soil and grass higher.